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5 Minute Meditations

To play a meditation, simply click on the file format (video or audio) you wish to use. To download to your computer, right mouse click on file format, choose "Save As" or "Save Link As", choose the folder on your computer you want to download it to, then click "Save".

Relax Your Body

This meditation has a dual purpose; it can be used by itself to help relax your body or it can be used as a precursor to any other 6 Minute Meditation. Relax your body in 5 minutes.

Connect To Source Energy

This is another dual purpose meditation. Use it to connect to source energy or as a precursor to any other 5 Minute Meditation. In less than 6 minutes you'll feel relaxed, yet energized.

Stop Thinking

Stop Thinking is an easy to do, simple and fun meditation. The effects of this meditation are amazing and you'll may find yourself using it in or after aggravating situations.

I Am A Money Magnet

Having a little trouble generating cash? Do the "I am A Money Magnet" meditation. Can be used, addtionally, to manifest any abundance you wamt.

Good Nights Good Life

Good Nights Good Life is a great meditation to do before you go to bed. It's a great way to end your day and get prepared for an amazing tomorrow.

Perpetually Lucky

Need a little luck? Who doesn't? "Perpetually Lucky" is a simple, fun, flexible and effective meditation you'll enjoy using. So, get lucky.

Omnipotent Light Balls

This is a super fun meditation you can do anywhere. Use Omnipotent Light Balls to immediately improve your friends and family's day, as well as your own.

Thought Witness

Thought Witness is the ultimate meditation to begin your practice with. It's simple but extremely powerful and you'll feel truly amazing after just 5 minutes.

Healing Light Breath

This meditation allows you to use the power of light to feel better. I'm not a doctor, but, I'll share how I use "Healing Light Breath". I use it regularly for prevention and pain relief.

Get Answers

Whether you have big, serious, "what am I doing" questions or simple "what's for dinner" questions, "Get Answers" will help you discover the best answer that's right for you. It's my favorite.

Sleep Fast

"Sleep Fast" does what you think it does; helps you fall asleep faster. It also a great way to end your day, feel amazing and be prepared for a great tomorrow. Shave time off your falling asleep time.

Hold That Thought

This another great beginner meditation that is very powerful. Hold That Thought is an amazing meditation for strengthening control of your mind and feeling your power.

6 Phase Meditation Fast

The "6 Phase Fast" meditation is an abbreviated version of Laki Vishuani's famous 6 Phase Meditation. This is a power-packed way to start your day and help you live your greatest life. Get it as a bonus once you buy the bundle, buy it individually below or scroll down to get it for free.

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